Created for Godot Wild Jam #32 (Theme: SEVEN)

A lone snail dragged out her miserable existence in this rapid world, until a young adventurer picked her up with his warm hands and gave her a goal...


  • move with 'A' and 'D' keys, as well as arrow keys
  • when you move, energy bar decreases
  • when you stand idle, energy bar increases
  • when energy bar is full, you will move faster
  • press 'space' to eat collected food to gain more energy


  • to ourselves for music, code and arts
  • to various platforms for free sounds
  • to energy drinks that helped us make it through

P.S.: Soundtrack available on Bandcamp


Snail race.exe 193 MB
Snail race.x86_64 194 MB
Snail 184 MB

Development log


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Super fun and cute game, Awesome art with a bunch of charm. I found a tiny bug with the pause menu where if you pause while moving, it'll still play the sound. But if you were to make this into a full Manual Samuel type game, i'd totally play it.

Thanks for playing and reporting bugs :D